TSS Energy along with its multidisciplinary and experienced staff with over 20 years’ experience in EPC type projects (Oil & Gas … etc.) offers solutions matching your requirements, and assists you in the execution of your project at the design and construction stage.
Our database is continuously updated and contains the CV’s of very qualified personnel able to provide excellent support for your activities and projects.

Our services include the management of social, economic and legal support related to all expatriate personnel.
Our commitments are:
– For our clients: Provide effective support and assistance for the execution of their projects, the use of their assets and implementation of their international mobility policy; also to provide full training support to guarantee the quality of the “turnkey” project services offered.
– For our partners: Propose professional and stimulating projects in many countries and support them in the development of their skills. Take responsibility for our expatriate personnel and their families and provide them with a suitable living environment.

For our clients we guarantee:
 Study and analysis of your project specifications after due consultation.
 Selection of the best experts as per the required project specifications for any position to be filled.
 Effective management of employee professional and contractual requirements.
 Check adequacy of medical and safety qualifications prior to mobilization of personnel on-site.
 Prompt integration of personnel into project or company structures.
 Continued follow up of contractual requirements and developments to anticipate potential problems and provide appropriate solutions.
Logistics: provide visas and work permits, international and local transportation, accommodation, schooling.
Help with social, fiscal and legal requirements of the country of expatriation: including knowledge of specific social conditions of the country concerned, preparation of local contracts, payment of taxes and social security contributions in the country of expatriation
Total peace of mind: for clients and expatriate personnel alike our company offers you multiple benefits.

Our services at TSS Energy enable our clients to outsource the recruitment of new employees. Based on mutually agreed specifications, TSS Energy researches, identifies, selects and technically approves candidates for consideration by the client.